The burden of this monistry is to reach the "unreached" in places of the world where many of the great evangelists do not get to because of the lack of financial return and yet where the need and response is so great.

To make this possible, we have established the Partners Programme, whereby those who share the same burden and vision for the lost, but who cannot physically go themselves, can participate through regular financial support and prayer.

In return, we seek to connect our partners with the great mission fields of tyhe world through newsletters, e-mail updates, cards from the field and an audio tape cassette bringing testimonies, reports and news directly from where it is all happening.

We invite you to join this growing family of "Great Commission Christians" (Christians who are directly involved in world evangelism) by signing up as a partner, whereby you can cover the world with the Word of God.

To sign up as a partner please click on the "Contact Us" link in the navigational bar.