Prayer Letter September 17, 2022

Prayer Letter September 17, 2022

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SEPTEMBER 17, 2022


Dear , 

Did you know that when Jesus said ‚ÄúI will come again‚ÄĚ He was quoting one of the 318 references to His coming again in the New Testament.¬† In fact, there are more references in the Bible to His coming again than any other theme.¬† It is mentioned 1845 times in the Old Testament.¬† All stress the urgency of this great future (not too distant) event.

We also notice according to Matthew 24:14 that the gospel will be preached to all nations and then shall the end come!  World evangelism and Bible prophecy are inextricably linked.

How great it is to know that as we seek to evangelize we are fulfilling a role in prophecy.

Last week (September 5-11) was extremely busy.  Cecil had a pacemaker inserted on the Monday; he was discharged on Tuesday and on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday ministered at four senior citizen homes as part of a city-wide Crusade, with people coming to Christ.  Praise the Lord! He then also spoke at the final rally on Sunday.

A very big Thank You to all who sent messsages and prayed for Cecil  We have not had time to reply to each one personally but please know that your concern is greatly appreciated.  Besides the business of the past week, Cecil is not allowed to drive for a month so Jeanette is his chaffeur. And we are also experiencing power outages up to three times in a 24 hour period.  All normal daily routine has gone out of the window.  What a mess this country is in!    Enough said!

Your continued prayers are needed for this ‚ÄėMonth of Evangelism‚Äô (September) that our church is conducting.¬† There are a variety of outreaches each week through the month.

We praise the Lord that we are both doing well.  Cecil’s op went well and Jeanette’s knee and neck are much better.  We keep praying that the Divine call on our lives will be fulfilled.

With Love, Joy and Peace

Cecil & Jeanette
1 Timothy 3:16

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