Newsletter,June 20, 2021

Newsletter,June 20, 2021

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JUNE 20, 2021



Dear ,

We have just returned from a good holiday in the Kruger National Park.  Cecil enjoys spending his birthday each year surrounded by the beauty of nature and, of course, the wildlife.  There is something so special about being in the bush – the silence (apart from the sound of birds and animals); the smell  (uniquely African); the excitement and awe of suddenly coming across a herd of elephants, a pride of lions, an elusive leopard, buffaloes, cheetahs and those funny, naughty monkeys, or a very special sighting of a rhino, which is becoming almost extinct because of the horrific poaching that takes place.  We stand in awe and wonder of our Creator God!  We feel so close to our Maker when we are surrounded by nature.

Now it is back to earth and back to being Interim Pastor again.  Cecil is so grateful to still have the opportunity to preach the Word.  Even though travelling to the far corners of the world to preach appears to have come to an end, messages are now transmitted world-wide through the wonder of technology via YouTube (Trinity Baptist Church PE) on Sundays and Facebook (Living Ministries International) on Tuesday and Fridays.  Please let us know if you receive these broadcasts.

Imagine getting lost while driving in a major city.  Somebody comes to your rescue and says “Follow me and I will lead you to your destination.”  You follow him and then, amidst the heavy traffic, you lose sight of the car you are following.  Soon you are not only lost but totally confused.  This can happen very easily as we seek to follow Jesus.  So, don’t allow yourself to lose sight of Jesus.  Keep close to Him as you travel through the maze of life.

Your prayers and interest in the ministry of Living Ministries International is such an encouragement to us and we are deeply grateful.  Thank you so much.

Until next time

Love and Blessings

Cecil & Jeanette

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