Prayer Letter April 13, 2019

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APRIL 13, 2019


Dear Visitor, 

This has been a very interesting week indeed!  To mention just a few ....

  • At the Sunday morning service last week at the Church of Christ in Richmond, Nelson, many people responded to the gospel.  That evening a French lady, who had been attending the services with her husband, told Cecil how she had gone home after the morning service, got down on her knees to seek the Lord when suddenly she was aware of His presence filling the room and touching her life. Her face was glowing and joy was radiating from her as she related this to him.  Praise the Lord!
  • There was much rejoicing as 6 young girls received Christ during the week.
  • A chief from the Island of Vanuata in the Pacific, who attended the meeting on Sunday night, has invited Cecil to preach on the island next year.
  • A young lady asked Cecil if God can forgive a murderer.  He explained that there is no sin that God cannot forgive.  She said that she had had an abortion and could not forgive herself.  After prayer and many tears she found total forgiveness and knows that she has a special ‘someone’ waiting for her in heaven.  Oh, the wondrous grace of God!

Cecil and a friend were curious to see the mosque in Christchurch, where that awful massacre took place a few weeks ago.  Police were guarding the mosque but allowed them to enter and have a look around. Having walked around they were told to be seated and were then given a lecture on the merits of Islam by three Imams.  As you can imagine, it was extremely difficult for Cecil to ‘zip his lip’ and he questioned these Imans on many of their statements. They came away greatly disturbed, realizing that Islam is determined to capture New Zealand and that his massacre has helped them tremendously in their efforts in that regard.

That night (Tuesday) a meeting was held in Kirwee, Canterbury, followed by a meeting at the Church Street Bible Chapel in Timaru the following night.  Here Cecil and Ivan Grindlay (who organised the South Island schedule) received wonderful hospitality at the home of Barry & Neroli Goodsir.

At the moment Cecil is busy with a spiritual warfare conference at the Queen Street Gospel Hall in Dunedin.  Tomorrow morning (Sunday) he will be preaching at the Riverside Chapel, Henley and in the evening at the Wanaka Baptist Church, Wanaka.

On Monday Cecil flies back to Hamilton on the North Island for Easter services at Mt Mannganui Chapel.  On Thursday, April 25th he flies back to South Africa (Yippee!). 

This has been a long, challenging trip for Cecil.  We know that he would not have managed it and witnessed such blessings if it had not been for the prayers of friends like you.  At times he felt that he could not continue and then he would receive a surge of new energy, physically and spiritually.  God bless you for prayerfully sharing the battle with us.

With much love

Cecil & Jeanette

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